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Well done! You’ve completed your order for your 500 New Subscribers Action Plan.

(If you’re not ready for your plan just yet, don’t fret. Email Jessica and let her know you need some time. If you know when you plan to be ready, great. If not, that’s fine too.)

When You’re Ready for Your Plan

When you’re ready for your plan, your next step is to answer these questions. Please copy and paste them into an email and send that email to

Please note: Jessica’s the only one who reads emails at that address, so it may be two business days before you hear from her. (Jessica doesn’t work Mondays.) She’ll reply as soon as she’s read your email with an estimate on when you’ll have your plan. If you haven’t heard back and want to check in, feel free.

ALSO: Please be thorough AND honest. Jessica’s the only one who will see your replies and if you leave things out or give false information, your plan won’t fit your needs as well as it otherwise would.

1) What do you do?
2) For whom?
3) Why?
4) Why do people pick you?
5) What’s your current list size?
6) How long have you been publishing? How often do you publish?
7) Why do you want 500 new subscribers?

Please also include your full name, your primary website URL, your mailing address and your email address.