Discover Your Brand Siren

Welcome to the Thrive Your Tribe Brand Siren diagnostic! This tool helps you find your Brand Siren archetype based on your best working style and your most ideal clients. In other words, this tool is going to reveal to you the core of who you are when you are at your best, doing your best work, for people you most enjoy working with. What is great about this is that it allows you to market as your best self in a way that really connects with your best people. In other words, finding out your brand archetype is the first step as you learn to Thrive Your Tribe.

You will receive your type via email.

Try to answer the 25 questions as quickly as possible. (If more than one answer is a good fit, just choose the one that caught your attention first.)

P.S. As a special gift for completing the quiz, you will receive a free subscription to our email newsletter so you can get more information on your archetype (and how to use it to attract more of your ideal clients).


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