In August of 2009, I spent an hour on the phone with some really fabulous people (who were all the more fabulous for the fact that the call was delayed by an hour because I had trouble with the phone system). We walked through my 30-day Emergency Client Attraction Program. This is the stuff I do when I absolutely need more clients fast–whether that’s because I’ve got an urge to buy something expensive or because 80% of my client base has up and quit on me in 2 weeks (true story: it happened in 2008 and it was the scariest month in my business).

The program itself includes the 1-hour audio (including a Q&A session at the end), a transcription of the whole call, a workbook (if you’ve never seen one of my workbooks: it’s really pretty, and also, uber useful), and some little extras like printable Stalking Cards. Yep, that’s right: I’m going to teach you the fine art of Internet Stalking. (It’s all downloadable: you won’t get anything in the mail.)

There’s NO information here on cold calling. Eww! (Though it does come up in the Q&A portion, and you can hear the terror in my voice at the very idea… Those of you who do get clients by cold calling, I marvel at your guts.) There’s also not a lot of mindset stuff here (though it does factor in to the 7 tools I use). I’m not going to tell you to make empty file folders for the flood of new clients or to clean out a closet. (Seriously, does that work for anyone? It never works for me!) I give you actual, word-for-word scripts I’ve used to land big gigs, sites I’ve used to find great clients, and step-by-step approaches for how to make the most of your 30 days.

Also, I made the program for beginners AND pros alike. This is for any web designer or copywriter who’d like to add clients to his or her business in a hurry and I point out which strategies are better when you’re just getting started and which are better if you’ve been in the biz awhile. I also balanced these tools between those that bring in the cash very quickly with those that are more sustainable. (Tools that lead to quick work and tools that lead to long term, meaty projects.)

It’s just $49 which is obviously a really good value: I’m teaching you everything I do to get clients. In a single month, just one of these tools has brought in tens of thousands of dollars to my business. Will it equal that kind of cash for you? Eh, who can say? But I’m pretty damn sure you’ll make back your money in record time if you immediately put this stuff to work.

(In fact, most people who took the live course barely scratched the surface of what I taught and had too much business to go any deeper. Yay them!)

So, you already know I think you should snag a copy of this program: it works for me, it’s worked for others, and if you do it, I really don’t see how it could *not* work for you too. (By the way, my guarantee is this: No, you can’t have your money back. What you’ll get instead is way more valuable than fifty bucks: you will get my personal support to see what you need to change to make it work–you’ll send me what you’ve done, and I’ll give you personal advice to ensure you bring in at least one new client.)

Here’s the button. You know what to do.

P.S. Once I’ve gotten word from PayPal that you’ve ordered, I or my assistant Natalie will send you the download link. (Please be a little patient–though we’re both fast typists, I’m not legally allowed to keep Natalie chained to the computer so there’s a chance we’re both sleeping or taking a lunch break. If it’s been more than 24 hours, feel free to email me and make sure I got your payment:



Thanks so much for your email and for your great information. I am loving the course! This is not my first info product purchase, but without a doubt, this is the best one I have ever purchased. It is worth at least 4x what you are charging – I feel like I’ve won the lottery! I truly can’t say enough good things – thank you!


I just wanted to write and tell you that I loved the course!
– Leah

So. CONGRATULATIONS TO ME! I ROCK!! [This came after a long list of wins!]

And there’s Week 4’s assignment as well. 🙂