Why You Work so Hard But Have so Little to Show for It…

Most of us try to do way too much. Everything feels useful and important and necessary. And so we blog and publish and network and Tweet and attend events and make warm calls and offer group programs and one-on-one programs and make Facebook fan pages and improve SEO and advertise and joint venture and speak and…

Whew! It wore me out just typing that…

What happens when we try to do all this is that we diffuse our energy. We dim our light. We get stuck and frustrated. By being everywhere at once, we wind up being nowhere in particular. There’s a vague, fuzzy, flustered sense to all that we do. Our best clients can’t see us. Instead, they look straight through us.

Before Radiate... And After

On the plus side, this feels safer. We don’t have to worry about being judged or criticized because we’re not making enough of an impression on people for them to have anything to judge or criticize us for. We get to feel like we’re “doing it all” and “working on what matters,” but we aren’t risking really, truly being seen.

This path leads to chronic exhaustion. To burn out. To feeling like you give and give and give and never get the recognition or appreciation you deserve.

What if there was another choice? What if you could let clients come to you? Discover you. Know you.

What if by simply being who you are, you could grow your tribe? What if all you needed to do was:


and Thrive Your Tribe?


Tap into your youness, your mission, your message, and Radiate.


Discover what works for you and discard the rest.


Find your people. Your place. Your purpose.

What is Radiate?

In Radiate, we’ll work one-on-one for six weeks. Together, you and I will map out a course for you to follow that will keep your focus where it matters.

The Sweet Spot

We’ll focus on the intersection of Your People, Your Work, and Your Tools. Honing that Sweet Spot is your key to stopping overwork and breaking through this haze that keeps you stuck, dim and burnt out.

You’ll get my full attention for three months. We’ll have two one-on-one calls together each month, and we’ll stay in touch by email in between calls. What’s more, you’ll always know exactly what you’re working on with your personal Radiate Checklist. As you complete each task, I’ll give you feedback so you know exactly how you’re doing.

Together, we’ll find and hone that Sweet Spot so you can stop being everywhere and start being in the places that matter. You can stop endlessly creating and pursuing and trying… and start connecting, being of service, and radiating your light.


The pay-in-full investment for Radiate is $3600. You can also choose to pay in 4 monthly payments of $1000 each.

Joining Radiate

How to Join Radiate
If you’re ready to explore whether Radiate is right for you, please email me with your answers to these five questions:

  1. Tell me about where you’re at right now.
  2. What about Radiate resonates with you?
  3. What will change when you learn to Radiate?
  4. What’s keeping you from Radiating?
  5. Why do you need to learn to Radiate?

(Need a subject line? How about “I’m ready to Radiate”. Of course, you’re welcome to use whatever subject line you’d like.)

What will we cover in Radiate?

The format of Radiate is customized to you–where you’re at, what you need, where you’re headed. That said, now that I’ve done a few rounds of Radiate, here’s what often comes up:

Radiate is the perfect program for business owners who want more clients, more impact, and more visibility. I’ll give you guidance on how to get exactly what you want from your business, and our work together will keep you focused, motivated and on track.

Apply to join Radiate.

I’m looking forward to helping YOU Radiate!