How to Write a Sales Letter for Your Own Product or Service

Before I started my business, I was a professional copywriter. That means that I helped businesses make sales by writing really great letters.

When I opened my business, I assumed I’d have clients quickly using my copywriting skills to promote myself.

But it didn’t exactly work out that way!

Whereas it was a snap to write copy for my clients, when it came time to write for myself I floundered and got stuck. And worse, what little writing I did manage to do was either wimpy or came on way too strong.

The Problem: Copywriters Cheat

Did you know that copywriters cheat? The reason it all looks so easy, so effortless, is because they’re cheating. They cheat in three ways:

  1. They get to experience the surprise your clients do.Professional copywriters come along when it’s finished. They didn’t create the thing you’re selling. Thus, they think about it in a completely different way. No matter what you do, you cannot replicate this because you’re intimately involved with your products and services.
  2. Professional copywriters care less. You want to make sure not one single wrong person buys while a professional copywriter wants to make sure not one single right person doesn’t buy. With traditional sales copy writing techniques, this emotional involvement is a handicap.
  3. Professional copywriters have you do their homework. The more expensive the copywriter, the longer their questionnaire. When you’re doing your own writing, you probably just dive in to the writing–you figure you already know all about your product or service. But that’s not quite true (more on that soon!).

These fundamental differences can mean only one thing: when you try to use a professional copywriter’s tools, You Will Fail.

But it gets worse! If you’ve ever written a sales page, or tried to figure out how to write a sales letter, you now have ingrained bad habits.

Re-Learning is Harder than Learning Right the First Time

When you’ve learned to do something wrong, it’s really hard to go back and re-learn to do it the right way. That’s because our brain already has those connections built so on top of learning to do something “new” we also have to cancel out those old pathways. This leaves us feeling overwhelmed and not doing nearly as good a job at the task.

Luckily, our brains have a secret trap door. Open it up and out topple the bad habits and then you can replace those habits with good ones.

Your Brain’s Secret Trap Door

What’s your brain’s secret trap door? Play.

That’s right, when we play our way to new learning, our brains automatically let go of the old stuff that’s standing in our way. Neat, huh?

Play Unlocks Your Bad Habits, Automatically

If you want to learn how to write a sales letter that’ll rack up sales, and you want to do it in the most easy, effective way, you’re going to have to play!

That’s why a playful approach is at the core of my new copywriting program. It’ll help you simultaneously unlearn all those bad habits while also creating new (great!) habits so that you can write the kind of sales letter that makes sales round the clock.

How to write a sales letter workbooksThe program is a play-ful experience that’ll make you a powerful self-copywriter.

Here’s How it Works:

Play-ful Practice One: Creating Separations.
We’ll do a little role play to build some useful boundaries between you and your business.

Play-ful Practice Two: Making the intangible tangible.
It’s really hard to write about something intangible, so we’ll start by taking all those esoteric qualities about your product or service and we’ll turn them (literally) into something we can hold in our hands.

Play-ful Practice Three: Perspective on details.
We’ll get outdoors and explore a whole new perspective on your product or service.

Play-ful Practice Four: Consider investment.
We’ll play store to find your right price.

Play-ful Practice Five: Study your people.
We’ll have a tea party to enjoy discovering how to qualify your people, what your people really long for, and how they feel about risk.

Play-ful Practice Six: Write the letter.
In our last week together, you’ll play your way to a first draft. Best of all? It’ll only take a few hours!


To get you the best results possible, I’ve also included two great bonuses.

Why Do You Want to Write Better Copy?

Think for a moment about what writing better sales pages would mean for your business. It would mean more sales of everything you create. It will mean more “right people” signing up for your products and services. It means more money in your pocket.

Imagine for a moment… If you do this program and learn to write your own effective sales copy, six months from now, how much money are you likely to have made? One year from now?

And how much money will you have saved? On average, you can expect to pay at least $10,000 for a professional to write EACH sales letter for you. When you can do it yourself, that’s money you get to keep in your pocket.

If you write a sales letter for your new service that brings in 2 new ideal clients each month, how much money will that add to your bottom line? $5,000/month? In the course of just one year, that would mean with one great letter, you’ve added $60,000 to your business. Just think, over the next year, how much value you would add to your business by learning the powerful skill of copywriting.

If you sell products, not a service, and you write a sales letter for your new product that sells just 25 copies per month, how much money will that bring in? An additional $2,500/month? More?

Learning to be an excellent copywriter is a supremely scalable skill. That’s because you can use the skills you’ll learn here again and again to write every sales letter you need–it’s pretty easy to see how even a handful of inexpensive products would quickly add up!

Learning to write your own sales copy will absolutely, fundamentally change your business, the money you make, and the number of people you help.

Join Us

Similar programs sell for $5,000.

For the time being, Sales Page Play Dates is on special re-release for less than a tenth of that at $497. Whether you feel like you’re a great writer — who just can’t seem to tackle good sales content — or you don’t enjoy writing at all, making this investment in yourself will help you quickly master outstanding copywriting. You will learn this powerful, scalable skill and be able to write as many effective letters as you have products and services.

Compared to what you’ll be saving hiring a professional and compared to the potential for what you can make as a result of learning these skills, I think you’ll agree: that’s a bargain!

Let’s get that sales letter written!

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What’s the format of the program?

You’ll receive access to 5 weekly pdf reports (plus 2 bonus pdf reports for a total of 7), 1 interactive spreadsheet, and 1 3-hour mp3 audio download file.

Will you offer this again?

This program will be available for the foreseeable future. However, if you’re struggling to attract all the great clients you want, wouldn’t it be smart to learn these skills and start practicing them now instead of procrastinating?

How long will I need to spend on each practice?

I designed the program to take you about an hour per practice. Of course, your time investment will vary, but that was my goal for you.

What about revising?

I’ve included my favorite revision techniques in the bonus report on revising. I’ll tell you how to know when your letter is done and share a few ways to make revision fun. (Yes, fun!) I’ll also teach you how to revise much more quickly. I have a background as a journalist and novelist which means I’ve spent a lot of time revising–and revising on deadline. That means I’ve picked up a lot of tricks and techniques for effective, efficient revisions.

When does the program start?

The program is available right now. Once you’ve completed your payment, you’ll receive the master link to the entire program.

How long will I have to complete the program?

As long as you need. The workbooks will be available indefinitely.

Legal Disclaimer: Every effort has been made to accurately represent this program and its potential. Each individual’s success depends on his or her background, dedication, desire, and motivation. As with any business endeavor, there is an inherent risk of loss of capital and there is no guarantee that you will earn any money.