Are You “Creating Online Chemistry”
or Smashing it to Smithereens?

Your digital platform is either working for you… or against you. Let’s put an end to mutinous branding!

I have a handful of Creating Online Chemistry sessions available. These free one-on-one consulting sessions typically last 45 minutes. During our session, we’ll explore:

This isn’t a sales call, it’s a genuine consultation. In fact, people who’ve had these sessions have called the value “priceless” or “easily worth several thousand dollars.”

Because these sessions are limited, I can’t accept everyone who applies. It’s important that you’re both thorough and honest in your answers. Thanks!

Download the application!

(Right click on your choice of applications and choose, “Save As” to save the file to your desktop.)

PDF Format (if you’re going to print it, fill it out by hand, scan it, and email it back)

Word Doc Format (if you’re going to complete it on your computer and email it back)

Once you’ve completed the application, please email it back to Jessica at