Digital Branding from Thrive Your Tribe

It’s easy for entrepreneurs to feel overwhelmed these days. All the things you need to do to market your business to attract more of your right clients start to pile up on your to-do list. Worse, every time a new social media tool comes along, it’s touted as the “place you must be.” That means you’re constantly being pulled in different directions, constantly being told you need to learn something new, and constantly being distracted from your mission.

Your mission? Thrive Your Tribe.

It’s that simple.

If you want to land your great clients, if you want to make the difference for them that you know you can, and if you want to make good money, you only have to do this one thing.

Thrive Your Tribe.

The rest will take care of itself.

So, how do you do this? With discerning, responsible marketing strategies. With a powerful digital platform. With a community that you nurture and unite.

With us.

When we partner with you, you’ll get so much more than a website. So much more than a blog. So much more than an email newsletter.

Sure, we mean that in a tangible way: we will design and write the platform that will get you more of your great clients.

But we also mean it in an intangible way. Our work with you helps you communicate your message, helps you find your voice, helps you grow your confidence.

When you work with us, we’ll help you land your great clients. And so much more.

The Thrive Your Tribe Platform

Our signature service is the Thrive Your Tribe platform. Of course, this includes consulting on how to build and strengthen your brand around YOU (in other words: no more pretending to be something you’re not!). We’ll help you create the brand that plays to your strengths, that highlights your most client-attractive qualities, and that helps you connect with the people you’re here to serve.

After the one-on-one consulting, we’ll dive into the technical parts. Your brand new, custom website design and blog design, email template and social media designs are all fundamental parts of your Thrive Your Tribe Platform&tm;.

Then, we’ll train you in using each of these tools. You’ll receive your custom Thrive Your Tribe Dashboard&tm; complete with a checklist: when should you blog? And what should you blog about? It’s all in your Dashboard.

Finally, we’ll create custom content just for you. Generally, we create a pre-scheduled Knock Knock Welcome Basket&tm; for your newest Tribe members–these messages will go out automatically to help them find their footing in your community. We’ll get you started with your About Page, a Free Report for your new subscribers, your Home Page, and three Case Studies (we’ll interview your favorite clients and turn those interviews into powerful case studies). (Of course, more content is always available.)

When the big pieces are complete, we’ll enroll you in our Thirty Days to Visibility&tm; program so that you’ll continue to know exactly what to do to find your Tribe, serve your Tribe, and Thrive Your Tribe. You’re also welcome to take us up on our continued support–whether you’d like writing services, editing support, or regular consulting.

In short, when you decide to work with Thrive Your Tribe, you’re getting a partner, not just a website designer. Not just a copywriter. Not just a branding consultant.

Get Support and Thrive Your Tribe

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