Gray and Moody Monday

By Jessica Albon

This weekend was the local Oktoberfest celebration and though it rained all night the night before and stayed gray and windy the whole day *of* it was still great fun to wander around the Main Street shops and booths. There’s lots to love about small town celebrations like these, but what I especially adore is meeting all the craftspeople who pour so much of themselves into their work. Oh, sure, there are business mishaps galore (business cards, people, bring lots and lots of business cards!) but getting to chat with the woman who makes clay badge holders or the man who made amazing copper sculptures–it’s a really delightful way to spend a Saturday morning, learning what people are most passionate about building.

October tends to make me feel a little gray around the edges, a little uncreative and dull. I think it has a lot to do with the way everything is winding down and part of me wants to say, “But there’s so much I want to get done by the end of the year!” But, even more than that, a few years back, my friend Christi Collins wrote about how the fall can be a season of grief and I’ve decided this year to let the season support me in winding down, letting go, and wrapping up a bunch of projects. I know I’ll be bursting with energy again next month, but for now, I’ll let myself go a bit slower. (Also, this is my long way of explaining why you’re getting a collection of great links today in lieu of an article–I have a lot I’d love to share with you, but none of it is written by me.)

One of my most favorite clients, Dr. Lori Boothroyd, is launching a most excellent class–eight weeks of exploring and improving your relationship with food. One of the things I most admire about Lori is her abounding gentleness which means this class won’t be abrasive or bossy but will rather be genuinely nurturing and enjoyable. To join her, or to learn more about the class, you should click here. The class is nearly full so try to check it out today if it appeals to you. Also, Lori’s site is a great example of a WordPress site that doesn’t look like a WordPress site.

If you’re not yet on Twitter, give it another chance. Last week, I posted a question about what a group of fairy godmothers might be called and received the most delightful (and helpful) responses. Sure, it’s a great place to meet new people and to promote new projects, but more than that, I love that it’s a place to tap smart people on the shoulder and ask for help with even slightly-silly questions.

More Smart Stuff to Read Today

Here’s a smattering of awesome stuff from some really smart people. Danielle LaPorte’s excellent post, “Eat Your Mistakes Whole” is well worth a read if you two are feeling a bit October gray. If you’re thinking Twitter or LinkedIn (or *whatever*) is an adequate substitute for having your own website, read “And this…is why you need a stage” by Sarah Bray. The delightful Charlie wrote a (very, very) long post on Becoming Yourself and Growing Your Blog which is great even if you don’t blog as it’s all about developing your voice and finding your footing–something we all struggle with in our businesses from time to time. It’s about how we find our way as we go–a message that resonates regardless of where you are in your journey.

Happy Monday!