How You’re Upping Your Visibility for 2013

By Jessica Albon

Invisibility Cloak: Deactivate

The feedback for Invisibility Cloak: Deactivate has been so dear to me. Thank you! I wanted to share (with permission) some of the feedback we’ve been receiving about the video series.

“I was blown away watching your transformation from video 1 to video 6. So inspiring. Thank you for bringing me along this journey with you, Jessica.”
Kathy P., PA.

“I love, love, love the idea that I can practice getting more visible with a smaller list–brilliant! I’ve longed to be more visible, but kept bumping against the idea that I didn’t want to be ‘famous’ and this is exactly what I was looking for.”
Jenny, NM

“I’ve been applying the videos rapid fire in my business. Thank you for your generosity in sharing all of this training, free. It’s so valuable to me.”
Ahmed, NY

“Invisibility Cloak: Deactivate has been magic for me. Hope you’ll make more.”
Nathan, NY

“Thank you for sharing this, Jessica. I can honestly say that each video I’ve watched has helped me get clearer on my mission and my business. 2013 is the year of me standing out in a much bigger way, thanks to you.”
Rachel, CA

“First, love your hair in the latest video! Second, I’ve been using each video as you post them, and have been blown away by the changes. Last week, I sent my newsletter and got 80% more response than ever before. Incredible! I’m looking forward to much more of the same, thanks to you.”
Betty, CA

“Jessie, I knew you were brilliant, but this has blown me out of the water. You bring such clarity to these issues, and yet you still manage to be so endearing. Watching you is a pleasure, and I’m learning so much. Thank you!”
Vanessa, Canada

“Yes!!! Your latest video put into words exactly what I needed to hear. Thank you!! I can’t tell you what a difference this series is making for me.”

“Jessica, these videos are so powerful. I started my Miniature List right after seeing your video on it, and already have two new clients as a result.”
Peter, NC

“Wow–the transformation in YOU is what really sells me on this series, Jessica. I can see so clearly how you yourself got much more visible from that first video to the most recent one. Your voice is even different. With results like that, clearly this stuff works. I’m excited to see the changes in my life, too.”
Ben, ID

Pretty cool, right? To see how people are already getting results from the Invisibility Cloak: Deactivate series?

And I’ll admit, it’s so far beyond what I was hoping when I started this series. I knew these tools could make a difference, but wasn’t sure how many people would actually implement them. And, of course, that’s the key–they don’t work if you don’t use them.

So, thank you. Thank you for following along with me as we dove headfirst into getting more visible. Thank you for putting these tools to work. And thank you for sharing your results with me!

What’s next?

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With a 4-month payment plan, Radiate is also really, really affordable. (That’s right–you’ll be getting big results from our work together before you even need to have paid for the program.)

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