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Introducing Thrive Your Tribe

By Jessica Albon

I’ve been working under The Write Exposure name since 2000. Originally, I was doing a lot of ghost writing for client newsletters. Within about 6 months, I’d moved into HTML email newsletter design.

By 2001, the business was more than 50% design, but by then I was attached to the business name. I had business cards, after all ;-).

So, I continued building a business called The Write Exposure. But, the name proved hard to spell over the phone, so I registered so that I could give people an alternate, easy-to-spell name.

Of course, having two domains confused some people, but it seemed to work pretty well. Until one day, I realized that the company was doing a ton more design than writing and the name simply didn’t fit any longer.

Months of brainstorming later, Thrive Your Tribe was born. It’s a better name for what we’re doing now because it covers all the work we do to help you connect with and grow your customer base. From blogs, to websites to email newsletters… We’re all about helping you leverage technology to create a more sustainable, richer, just plain more fun connection with your audience.

We help small and medium sized businesses and professionals in solo practice bring their message to a wider audience.

So, yeah, we’re designing websites now. And blogs. And we’re still doing email newsletters. Basically, we’re here to be your online media partner.

Get in touch and let us know how we can help you.



Julie Bestry Dec 15, 2008

Mazel tov on the new name. It’s catchy, which means it will be memorable. I can’t wait to read more about your new, refined focus!