Just how big should your RSS button be?

By Jessica Albon

Over the weekend, we added a gigantic RSS feed button (and, also, a gigantic Follow me on Twitter button). I’m curious to hear your opinion.

Do you like gigantic RSS buttons? Do you even notice them? Do you click them to subscribe? Do you ignore them?

Me, I subscribe to RSS feeds right in Firefox, clicking the RSS icon in the address bar, so I never click an RSS image on a page whether it’s big or little. But, I’ve read that bigger RSS buttons are *always* better, so after giving it some thought, decided to go extra-extra large as an experiment. I’m a very obedient designer ;-). (I’ve discovered it’s pretty sensible to try things the “right” way first and then make it my own to see what happens.)

So if you have thoughts on the great RSS button debate, be sure to share them!