Lovefest 2009 (wherein I get all sappy and introspective because I’m getting older and apparently that’s what happens. Age makes you mushy.)

By Jessica Albon

Hands making heart shape over sunset

Image by leovdworp

I’m love, love, loving this weather. Today it’s gorgeous out, Carolina blue skies, just breezy enough, and lush shade from my gorgeous, healthy trees. Sure, I’m currently *inside* typing this on a desktop computer (why am I not on the laptop, I’m finding myself wondering…), but all the doors and windows are open so it’s almost as good as being outdoors.

  • A new project that’s so close to being launched has gotten me involved with some super great people–I can’t wait to share this particular link with y’all, but in the meantime, suffice to say that my designers have done a mind-bogglingly gorgeous job and I’m thrilled with how the project’s proceeding.
  • I’m delighted to have met several new folks lately to pass less-than-perfect-for-me clients along to. Over the past year, one of the big changes in my business has been that I’ve gotten more and more specific about who my team best serves which means referring out awesome folks who aren’t a perfect fit and it’s been so fantastic to get to meet new people to send that business too.
  • Is it just me or has Pandora gotten even better lately? It seems like even when I create a new station, they’re really nailing my musical tastes.
  • Izzy. He’s always an awesome dog, but lately he’s been even more awesome. He’ll be six this year and he’s really mellowing but is still full of energy. There’s less frenzy and more fun these days and that’s been delightful.
  • My team. You guys are incredible at keeping up with me ;-). Thank you.
  • My dad’s going to be *60* next month and while I can hardly believe it, I’m so grateful for him, for the example he’s always been of patience, kindness, and humility (and business-running-brilliance). Thanks, Dad!
  • My house is (as of today) officially, 100% grass-cloth-wallpaper-free. Yippee! I spent the whole weekend pulling that stuff down in the entry hall and though the hall now needs to be painting (any suggestions for colors? The carpet’s a neutral tan color), it already looks brighter and bigger.
  • With the concluding of the entry hall project, the house is 99% done. There are still a few minor projects, and there’s one big project I have left to tackle (having French patio doors installed where there are currently only windows), but overall, it’s very, very close to completion and I am so proud to be able to say that I did it almost entirely on my own. Also, NEVER AGAIN ;-).
  • I’m so excited about sharing a new style of web assessment with y’all very soon. You know how web designers ask all those endless, excruciating questions about what fruit you’d be if you were a fruit? Well, I’ve developed a design process that’s 100% question-free and that still gets you a gorgeous, perfect website. The quiz to determine your style will be available soon and I can’t wait for you to try it–it’s a really eye-opening process and it involves classic Hollywood starlets just to make it fun.
  • Along those same lines, I’ve been playing with a new design for I know, we practically just launched the site, but I was feeling inspired and one thing led to another and a redesign will really fit this new Question-Free design approach we’re taking… So, keep your eyes peeled for that unveiling.
  • You! I cannot say thank you enough to you for hanging out here with me once a week, reading my stuff, and emailing me such delicious, profound emails. You are awesome, and I am honored to know you. (By the way, this goes even if you’re one of our brand new readers–sure, you probably haven’t emailed me *yet* but I know you will, so consider this a thank you in advance.)
  • Thanks for letting me share what I’m loving about life today–I’d love to hear your list, too!



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