Making it Rain Inspiration: Spinning Your Wheels in Mud?

By Jessica Albon

Did you expect the New Year to roll in, bright and shiny and full of new inspiration and promise? Have you been meeting up instead with sluggishness and resistance?

Perhaps you’re finding yourself, as Alicia Paulson writes:

This time of year is like some kind of no-man’s-land. So strange. I think it happens every January, that feeling that you’re revving your engines, ready to go, and still — nope. Spinning wheels in mud, somehow.

For me, this happens most often when I’ve decided the way the writing will go. That it must go my way or no way. And so I am left spinning my wheels in mud.

There’s really only one way out of this predicament. And that’s to shut off the car engine, climb out of the car, and wait for the ground to dry. Sure, you could call a tow truck or wedge something beneath the wheels, but think of it this way–when the ground is still muddy, you’re just going to get stuck again. When you wait until the sun’s come out, and the ground is solid again, you won’t get stuck.

So, if you were expecting the writing to flow, the website to fall into place, the marketing slogan to crystalize, all because it’s January, gosh-darnd-it and doesn’t that mean anything anymore? Know this: it will happen. The ezine writing will happen, the website design will materialize, the slogan will trip off your tongue… Eventually.

For now, explore the other posts in the Making it Rain Inspiration series, and just shut down the engine and wait it out. It can’t not happen, but sometimes, it takes just a little bit more time than you really want it to.

And tell me, are you feeling a bit stuck in the mud or are you full steam ahead?