Now they see sky and remember what they are

By Jessica Albon

They see sky and remember what they are.

I’ve always adored this quote from Firefly. The characters are discussing cows. But I think it’s true for people, too. Or at least, it’s true for me. It can be easy to get cooped up, whether physically or metaphorically, and forget what I’m capable of. But seeing the sky can change things in an instant.

So, I took some time to play with the quote and design it for you. (I’d like to share some of the behind-the-scenes design work we’re working on right now, but we’re up to our eyeballs in NDAs, so I thought I’d do some personal work to share instead.)

Here, I’m sharing the web-friendly version. If you’d like a full size 8.5 x 11 printable, here’s where you can download it.

(You’re welcome to print it out and stick it on your wal, but please don’t sell it. It’s for personal use only. Thanks!)

Thank you for your kind emails and comments on my last post–I’ll be replying to each of you personally, but wanted to mention here how very much I appreciate them and you. Thank you!

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