Since 2005, we’ve been helping clients create with WordPress

Sure, WordPress got its start as a blogging platform, but ever since we built our own site on WordPress (it went live January 2005), our clients have clamored for their own WP-built sites.

What’s great about WordPress is that it lets you keep a website and a blog all in one space–one login, one interface, one set of controls to learn. As designers, we love that it’s really flexible, but as a user, the benefits to you are: great SEO possibilities, really easy page updating, automatic navigation creation (never again create a new button graphic because you’ve renamed a page), and really easy communications with your clients.

With nearly 100 WP sites under our belt, we continue to be impressed with WP’s abilities as a CMS (Content Management System). The ever-growing library of plugins means the sky’s the limit for what your site can accomplish (and when a plugin doesn’t already exist, our programmers can create something new just for you).

Our services include from-scratch WordPress design, WP consultation and training, and maintenance and security (if you’ve been hacked, we can help).

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