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Savor Something

By Jessica Albon

Savor Something Psst, have you noticed something about my new Twitter background? It’s populated with some of my favorite ways to be irresistible.

This week, we’re going to take a look at an approach that’s absolutely crucial to master if your Brand Siren is Elizabeth Taylor. (Don’t know who your Brand Siren is? Take the quiz!)

Read on even if your Brand Siren isn’t the lovely Taylor–Savor Something is a great technique regardless. It’s trickiest, though, for those whom Taylor champions.

We live in a digital world. You could spend your entire day chained to one digital device or another and get almost all of your needs met. (It’s not just me who finds that kinda creepy, right?)

When we’re at work, it can be tempting to talk about what we’re doing at the computer–the articles we’re reading, the chats we’re engaged in, the emails we receive, the work we’re doing–but those are experiences we can all have, all at the same instant. There’s nothing particularly remarkable about it.

Your physical experience, however, that’s pretty unique. Whether it’s snowing or blustery or sunny, whether you’re enjoying a hot cup of coffee or chai, whether you’re wearing fuzzy socks or your least comfortable shoes… That’s all you.

The way you’re experiencing the physical world around you is all you.

And that’s pretty damn cool.

When Taylor is your Brand Siren, one of the key components of your brand is sensuality. Not necessarily sexiness, but a real, fundamental experience of the physical world around you. Textures, colors, qualities of light, all of that plays a key role in the way your people want to relate to you.

Regardless of who your Brand Siren is, though, savoring your experience and sharing it goes a long way towards rooting you, your company, and your brand in the real world of your Tribe.

Today I challenge you to savor something you’re experiencing publicly. You can share it digitally, if you like (say, tweeting about the cozy sweater that’s keeping you warm), or you can share it in some other way (a hand written letter, anyone?). The key is to 1) actually savor it (don’t just look around and think, “What can I describe experiencing?”) and 2) to share it with someone.

For me, I’m going to head outside for a game of fetch with Izzy. I fully intend to savor the way the sunshine makes rainbows of my eyelashes. The way his ball squeaks when it bounces on the ground. The way I cringe every time he slips on the wet grass. (Well, okay, so maybe I won’t savor that last part–he’s such a maniac!)

I’d love to hear what you’re savoring, too.

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Brian Feb 28, 2013

Thanks for the reminder to *actually* savor and not just to describe savoring. Reminds me of Ken Robinson’s TED: Talk: about how professors “live in their heads. … They look upon their body as a form of transport for their heads. It’s a way of getting their head to meetings.”

Amy Feb 28, 2013

Love the new Twitter background! Can’t wait to read all about the ducks–can’t even begin to imagine what that might mean…

Gwen Feb 28, 2013

A hand written letter… What’s that?! Actually, tho, I think i like that idea best for sharing what I’m savring. tnx.

Becky Feb 28, 2013

Challenge accepted, Jessica! I decided to really savor play time with my 6-month-old today. She’s growing up so fast. She’s already so mobile and smart and has such a personality. I shared the whole experience with a prospective client at coffee today–I coach mompreneurs–and you’re right it made such a diffrence. I could see that instead of us just talking esoterically about things, she could really get why Ido what I do and why we should work together. THank you! You just helped me land a new contract.

Leslie Mar 1, 2013

Thanks for this, Jessica. I’d like to hear more about why it’s specifically harder/better for the Liz Taylor types.

Charlotte Mar 6, 2013

Dolly Parton! I have no idea what that says about me, but I often think – “what would Dolly Do?!”. I have a meditation meeting later and I am going to savour every second. Thank you for reminding me of my role models and that life is about actual experiences.


Jessica Albon Mar 7, 2013

Brian–Thanks for sharing that link!

Amy–The ducks are a fun one ;-).

Gwen–Awesome! I bet the recipient will be delighted.

Becky–What fabulous news! Thank you for sharing your story of savoring something and how it helped you land a client.

Leslie–That’s a great question. I’m not sure, actually, it’s just something that I’ve noticed–it’s such an important way for the ET type to communicate, and yet it can be a real struggle for that group.

Charlotte–I adore Dolly! It can be so helpful to have that model, can’t it–for those times when you’re well and truly stumped ;-).