Sometimes, there’s bleeding

By Jessica Albon

Bandaged finger
Image by juliaf

So, I’ve talked (and complained) before about how I’m rehabbing a 1960s house and how much fun it is. (Seriously, it’s usually a lot of fun.)

Today, though, when I was trying to fix this spot where the baseboard and the flooring weren’t willing to touch (apparently, the flooring has Cooties), I sliced two fingers open. So, now I have a bandage on the tip of one finger which makes typing awkward. (I’ve also slashed open eight of my ten fingers/thumbs in the last month. Clearly I need to be more careful…)

So, rather than type up something meaningful of my own, I wanted to point you to some articles/posts I’ve been enjoying lately.

Smart People Saying Interesting Things

Read this (about how no one will ever spend money again, unless, you know, the media is actually wrong [as if!]) and this (about how not getting paid is not the norm, no matter what people may be saying about the economy) or maybe this (you may need to register for that one–it’s from Michael Port’s Think Big Revolution site). And, also this which will get you started in the direction of being relevant and interesting.

Now because I can’t just give you links, let’s see if I can’t bring all of my “injuries” around to an actual business point.

Sometimes, There’s Bleeding

Sometimes, when you’re doing YOUR work (whether that involves wrestling with baseboard or alligators), there’s bleeding. And I admit I did, briefly, remind myself that it was a good thing I’d had that tetanus shot.

But I can’t help but remember that bleeding is a good thing–it’s a fundamental part of healing. And, even though I got a lot of blood on the hardwood floor (sorry if that’s TMI), it was good to know my body was taking really good care of me.

I also can’t help but remember being a kid and always hoping my wounds would be bleeding enough to justify a Bandaid®.

Take care of your business. Do your work. Do a better job than you did yesterday. You’re not going to lose everything. And I’m not going to lose my finger. But yes, sometimes, there’s bleeding.