We’re hiring!

By Jessica Albon

FILLED. Thank you for your interest!

I mentioned in last month’s newsletter that we’re taking care of more web design clients in February than in any other single month since ThriveYourTribe began. Which is amazing. And also means that we need to bring on some more people. We’ve been needing to hire for a few months, but I’ve been putting it off, so we’re looking for people who are ready to start immediately and who won’t need training. (We know you’ll take some time to get up to speed with our way of working and we’ll be patient with you, but because of how busy we are, we’re looking exclusively for candidates with experience. Thanks!)

Both current positions will require on-site visits to North Carolina once per quarter, but you can work from any state. That said, you need to be at your best and available during regular, east coast business hours. You’ll have set hours (you won’t be on call).

We also have an opening for a programmer. Stay tuned for that job posting.

Designer–2 Openings

Your Career at ThriveYourTribe

As a staff designer, you will be responsible for creating attractive websites, email newsletters, and blog designs. Our clients are mostly small business owners and solopreneurs. You will have some direct contact with clients, but you won’t be responsible for any presentations. You’ll be spending much of your time creating layered Photoshop designs for development, and also may spend some time discussing strategy, branding, identity, and user experience.

The Clients

We average fifteen to twenty new project inquiries per week and have a high closing rate. You’ll likely be working on between 5 and 10 active projects at any one time. Our client list is continually growing and expanding across industries and we average a 95%+ client retention rate which means you’ll have the opportunity to work with the same clients over the long term.

About ThriveYourTribe

ThriveYourTribe helps small business owners and entrepreneurs connect with their people. We design new websites and update old ones, create blogs, and launch and produce html email newsletters. Many of our websites are developed in WordPress. We work with clients worldwide.

About You

You have 3-5 years of design experience. You know Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign inside and out. You’re up to date on design trends, but don’t design to trends. We offer our clients classic designs that last for several years instead of being outdated in six months. It’s also great if you understand the coding process–you don’t need to code, but having some grasp of what is and isn’t possible is helpful. You’ll need your own office space if you’re not local. (If you are local, you’re welcome to come in and work on site.) You’ll be easy to work with, friendly, and great at time management. You work well independently and with groups and you’re available by phone and video chat during the day. You’ll have some say in deadlines before they’re set, and it’s crucial that you understand that a commitment is a commitment. You must have excellent follow through skills, take full responsibility for yourself, and take client confidentiality seriously. It’ll help if you have a sense of humor.

An Average Day

On an average day, you might work as part of a team to create a mockup based on a creative brief, or you might work independently to revise a design a client has given their feedback on. You’ll be expected to share your opinion when you think something isn’t working, even if it means disagreeing with the client or your team leader. On some projects, you’ll work as part of a design team, on others you’ll be the only designer (this depends on the project’s scope). If you’re uncomfortable with either style of working, this isn’t the position for you.

Ready to Apply?

Please follow these directions to the letter. If you miss a step, your application will be deleted. (We’re sticklers for conscientiousness, what can we say…)

  1. Email [redacted–please stay tuned for additional openings]. Use the subject line Design Position Application.
  2. Tell us about you and why you think you’re a good fit. (We don’t want to see form letters–thanks!) If you’ve taken the brand archetype quiz tell us your result.
  3. Tell us about your favorite design project. Include your role and why it was your favorite.
  4. Copy your resume into the email (don’t send an attachment).

NO PHONE CALLS OR DROP INS. Thank you. (Either will result in your being immediately removed from the candidate list.)