WordPress Warning and Chocolate Cake

By Jessica Albon

I’ve got oodles of links to share today! If you happen to be in the office instead of out on vacation, enjoy today’s variety.

If you haven’t yet taken your Web Style Quiz, you want to do that soon. In the next few weeks, I’m going to start talking about how this quiz is the only tool you need to determine that all important Color Scheme. If that’s something you’ve been wrestling with, take the quiz and keep your eyes glued to this spot because I’m going to make it uber easy for you.

Second, my upcoming Client Attraction call was mentioned by Naomi Dunford at Itty Biz. She says really nice things *and* was kind enough to pull out specific sections of the letter you should pay attention to if you want to learn how to write your own copy. Her blog post would be well worth reading even if I didn’t make her list of stuff she loved this week, but, since I totally did, it’s officially a Must Read. 😉

Way, way back at the end of July, I was invited to write a guest post for Keller Hawthorne’s FresheVenture.com site. It starts by talking about chocolate cake, and ends by revealing The Secret Ingredient to an Internet Business that’s More than Just Profitable (and, by the way, this ingredient is absolutely no less important just because your business is off line).

And, finally, if you use WordPress, there’s a nasty code spreading fast that doesn’t seem to be curtailed by an updated install. So, two things: BACK UP YOUR BLOG and also, make sure to keep an eye out. This particular code can get you kicked off Google and can also make your site impossible to log in to using Firefox if you don’t notice it right way. To protect yourself, make sure your WordPress installation is up-to-date, and that your plugins are up-to-date as well. Then, change all your passwords (including FTP) to something super secure. And, if you wind up a victim, I can fix it for you, so just get in touch and I’ll fast-track your project to get your WordPress design scrubbed clean immediately.