Too Plain, No Gain: How Being Different Will Have Clients Flocking to You

By Jessica Albon

Jessica’s note: I wrote this article originally in October of 2007, but it felt especially relevant to share today. Enjoy!

There’s a virus afoot. No, not a computer virus. Or a bird flu virus. But rather a Sameness Virus.

See, most of the articles that wind up on websites, in ezines, and being circulated at sites like are very much the same.

In fact, if you spend a lot of time browsing through content, you might just start to feel like the article writers took the old Sesame Street song a little too much to heart–and avoid standing out at all costs.

You probably think you’re immune. After all, you can see all the things that set your articles apart from other articles out there. But, here’s the thing: just because you know that your articles stand head and shoulders above the rest doesn’t mean your readers can see the difference.

It’s not really your fault that your articles suffer from the Sameness Virus–you’ve been doing things exactly as you’ve been told to. You’ve written that cornerstone article, the one that exemplifies what you accomplish for your clients. And then you’ve supplemented it with more content that addresses the questions your clients most frequently ask. You’ve posted all these articles on your WordPress website, you’ve submitted them to article sites, and you’ve published them in your newsletter.

It’s not your fault that that’s all been a waste of time.

Think I’m being too harsh? Then tell me, how many clients have hired you in the last 3 months as a direct result of those articles you’ve written? None? Two, maybe three?

If you’re a writer of average speed, you’ve probably put in 10-30 hours on all that content. And it brought in 3 new clients… Doesn’t that seem wildly low to you?

Done right, your articles can work much harder for you. They can be round-the-clock salespeople who consistently bring in new business.

But the key is, “Done right.”

There’s absolutely no good reason for you to not make your articles work harder. All it’ll take is curing the Sameness Virus you’ve got coursing through your system.

As you set out to cure yourself of the Sameness Virus, you might enjoy these resources:

Being different doesn’t equal not belonging (except in that Sesame Street song). In fact, when you set out to blaze your own trail through content only you can write, it’s precisely that unique voice that attracts others to you. Find the cure to your own Sameness Virus today and see for yourself how setting yourself apart will surround you with clients.