You Gotta Choose Your Own Clients–Here’s How

By Jessica Albon

Choosing your own clients with great branding

This week, I was at a small event hosted by Fabienne Fredrickson where a lot of people were talking about how they have plenty of clients, but they’re not the right clients.

They mentioned clients who whine, who don’t take action, who don’t pay on time, or who don’t pay at all.

(Am I the only one who hears complaints like that and thinks: “Why are you working with these people?”)

I have a theory about this. Sure, there are probably five or six truly crappy clients out there, and, as Jim Rohn used to say, they get around ;-). But, I think most of the people who seem like not-so-great clients are actually just not the right fit.

I’ll give you an example. I have a client who was struggling with a client list of people she just wasn’t enjoying working with. There wasn’t anything inherently wrong with her client base, but she wasn’t feeling excited about her work, and her clients weren’t getting the fabulous results she knew she could get for people.

So, we talked, I looked at what she was putting out there–her marketing and branding–and she discovered her Brand Siren.

What we uncovered is that she’s an Edith, but she was working with lots of clients who needed her to be a Judy.

Edith is all about creating magic for her clients. A client calls, she lasers in on exactly what needs to change, she tells them, they take action, and abracadabra, things are different for the client.

Judy on the other hand is all about the journey. All about starting at point A, meandering past point B, and then sauntering through the rest of the alphabet, all with lots of discussion about what’s working and what’s not and why, and much “finding yourself” along the way. Judy doesn’t direct her clients to the solution, she helps them discover it for themselves.

See how these two types are such a mismatch? And, can you see how a client who needs a Judy would be frustrated by someone offering an Edith experience?

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with you or with your approach to your business and your work. But there might be something wrong with the way you’re talking about it.

And, if there’s something wrong with the way you’re talking about it, you’re going to attract the wrong clients.

This is frustrating for you and for them and what’s worse, you wind up not making the money you could because you’re not getting the big results for your clients.

How do you fix this? It’s rather simple:

  1. Know your Brand Siren.
  2. Take conscious action to choose your client base.
  3. Revise your message based on your Brand Siren.
  4. Communicate your message in ways that are a great fit for your ideal clients.
  5. Broadcast your message where your ideal clients hang out.

How about it–are you ready to start choosing your own clients? Then pre-register for my upcoming free training where I’ll take you behind the scenes and reveal my team’s complete process for building brands that create irresistible chemistry with your perfect people.