How to Make Postcard Plaques + Download

By Jessica Albon

In my last newsletter, I mentioned I’d made some plaques for a seminar I attended and that I had some left over. I offered ’em up to the first three people who emailed me. And they went so fast. (Like, really, really fast.)

I wish I could send one to everyone who wanted one! So, here’s the next best thing: you can download the pdf file and make your own.

These postcard plaques make great business card substitutes–they’re an easy size to give out (they’re even easy to mail!) and people love to get them. As evidenced by the number of people raising their hands and asking me to send them one!

Put your artwork on the front and your call to action on the back for a fun, easy gift that new business contacts will love to receive. Need branded artwork? Send me an email, my team will be happy to help.

Here’s how I made ’em: