Writer’s Block? Make mistakes and make it history

By Jessica Albon

Last Saturday, I offered a call on how to get web design clients (and copywriting clients). (By the way, you’re welcome to pick it up and you’ll get the recording and all the materials.)

I don’t do a lot of teleclasses, so I carefully tested my tech for this one. I recruited a friend to listen in and make sure things worked properly. And then came Saturday. I called in early, chatted with an early arrival (not seeing that new people had joined us–I didn’t realize the system I was using didn’t have an entry chime–sorry guys!) and then started the recording… Or so I thought.

Turned out, I actually *stopped* the recording and kicked everyone out of the call. Yeah, I can program a computer, but apparently, I can’t use a phone system…

An hour later, we were finally up and running and everyone could hear and post questions in the chat room, and things were going well (although, after doing the first 15 minutes of the call twice, I was starting to lose my voice by the end).

Here’s the point: There were about a dozen business-related stories that came out of that two and a half hour call. Because I made a bit of a mess, and set out to do something I’ve not done a lot in the past, I have blog articles galore for the foreseeable future.

And that’s the thing–if you’re not making a mess, if you’re not trying new things, if you’re not screwing up left and right… Chances are you’re struggling to find things to write about.

So, today, set out to make a mistake or two. Sure, it’ll be uncomfortable. Sure, it may be completely mortifying. But you won’t have writer’s block anymore!

And if you were on Saturday’s call with me live, thank you so much for your patience and for asking such fantastic questions! I had a great time with you, even if I was completely mortified about my lack of phone skills…